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A walk on the wild side

Someone commented that we cannot go back to the past. ‘These going back to nature experiments are a thing of the seventies’, she said. I agree that living in nature must not be confused with living a primitive lifestyle, but that is not what we intend to do here. Rather we will use the most advanced technology to make life easy, abundant and totally 21st century. But at the same time we will live in a natural environment without the stress, pollution, crime and traffic congestions that seem to go with present-day life. WalkAccording to a recent experiment published in the journal Psychological Science, a walk in nature results in a 20% improvement in memory and attention tests, while an urban walk does nothing. ‘This makes perfect sense’, commented health advisor Dr Weil in his website today under the heading: Get Outside, Get Smarter. ‘Our brains evolved in natural, low-noise, low-visual-contrast wilderness settings; not the relentless high-stimulation environments of our offices, technology-stuffed homes, or urban cityscapes. It is only natural that we shut down our ability to focus and take in stimuli in assaultive environments, and, conversely, replenish our ability to “open up” and focus in nature.’  See? The experts agree with our plans. There are many reasons to join our community in Southern Europe. Even if you could be here just part time, don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk on the wild side.

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Who’s going to live there?

Some people have asked this question and it is of course hard to predict, it will be a surprise for me too. But judging from my own situation: I am one of many sannyasins who were about 30 years younger when it all started to happen with  sannyas communes and so on, and we are nearing our retirement age now. Looking at choices for what to do next, nothing appeals to me more than living in nature with many friends on our own land, where we can still enjoy an active life in our own relaxed way, growing our food and having the freedom and space to create whatever we want to enjoy. Living with the forest, the fields, the river and the lake. So is this going to be a sannyasin retirement place? Not exactly but yes, you can retire here. But it offers attractive opportunities for all age groups. Looking at my children and their friends I see some who are having careers and activities that they really enjoy but also others that are still searching. We can offer them a livelyhood, an opportunity to meditate, to live in nature and find a new purpose in life. To jump out of a difficult situation and stop worrying about how to find a job in a worsening economic crisis. The world is facing grave problems of unsustainable overpopulation and socio-economic disasters. One of the best places to live in the foreseeable future will be a rural environment, in a community of supportive people who can sustain themselves growing their own health food. Apart from being a hide-out it will simply be living a joyful life of meditation and celebration. And of course you can still continue to travel around and keep in touch with the outside world, no one has to be here all the time. Basically we are all visitors in this place, for however short or long we want to be here.Typical

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Where’s the Buddhafield?

Someone mentioned in an e-mail to me that the Buddhafield that we all experienced at the Ranch will be missing, because the Buddha is missing. No kidding but if that is true than Osho has been terribly mistaken. Because what happened to those ten thousand Buddha’s that came to his evening meeting every night? All converted back into scrooges and witches or what? I’m sorry but as far as I know many of those Buddhas are still around, alive and kicking. And they are now invited to come over and ignite a Buddhafield that would make Osho proud of us. To tell you the truth, of all the uncertainties on my mind, the Bhuddafield is probably the least of my worries. We will have to let go of the past, even as we continue to draw our inspiration from what we experienced so joyfully back then. Like in Crete, at Osho’s gathering under the Carob tree in March of 1986.

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It’s your life

Since you are a wise and responsible person you can skip this paragraph as it is only intended to discourage those other troublemakers. Life in a commune where everyone works together for our common good makes most people very happy and creates an experience of abundant wealth on many planes, materially, emotionally and spiritually. One can easily be seduced into thinking that the commune takes care of everything and all your worries will be gone forever. But be aware. A commune consists of other people, and however much we care about each other, in the end no one wants to be made responsible to take care of you. AED_signEverything may go well for a long time as long as no major accidents happen but keep in mind that we are neither your health insurance company nor your savings bank or your personal pension plan. And since you are here officially as either a guest or a volunteer worker you are not a permanent resident and hence cannot even apply for social security from the local government. It is up to you to arrange your matters in a responsible way at home before you decide to come over and live here.

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Osho’s Garden Time Bank

CardUpon registration in our resort you will receive a community membership card that serves as an identity card, gatepass and also as a keycard if there is an electronic doorlock on your room. Moreover it serves as a debit card for the community account that is opened in your name. This account is not denominated in Euros but in community currency. Your working hours will be credited to this account as such, in number of hours. This is called a time banking system. You can read all about time banking and local currency in The card can be used to make electronic payments within the resort for your food and accomodation, adding some freedom of choice to the wwoof system. The card is strictly for our internal use and your credits cannot be converted into real-world cash.

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Volunteer Workers on Organic Farms

wwoofsterLike many other countries, Portugal allows volunteer workers on organic farms to work part time and receive food and lodging in return without the taxman getting involved. Meaning the farm does not have to pay you a salary (plus taxes on wages) and does not have to charge you a commercial price for lodging (including taxes). It is called wwoofing, and you will be a wwoofer. Read all about it on The wwoofster in this picture is from their site. Another advantage is that you won’t need a work permit for this. So anyone from outside the EU who visits on a tourist Visa can also come to work and live with us. Comes in handy doesn’t it? And do you think anyone will actually check how much time you spend here growing tomatoes and how much for growing your consciousness? This wwoof arrangement leaves us lots of freedom to organize our place the way we want. But guess what the main reason is why we want to incorporate as an organic farm: We want to grow our own healthfood!

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Where we are

This post has been updated several times as the search went on, starting in the Sierra Nevada near the Medittaranean coast and ending near the Atlantic, 50 km from the Algarve coast.  The weather is agreeable here and being in the EU has many advantages. It offers easy access and work permits for europeans, good infrastructure, democratic freedoms and legal protection. We would like to welcome many visitors starting early in 2010. Find the address under the About tab. Be aware that unlike the urban jungle of big cities, you arrive here in an unsophisticated rural area.  Please remember to be sensitive and courteous when interacting with the local population and don’t offend the neighbors with loud and boisterous behavior. We want to build good relationships with the authorities so don’t break any laws and also observe unwritten rules.

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