It’s your life

Since you are a wise and responsible person you can skip this paragraph as it is only intended to discourage those other troublemakers. Life in a commune where everyone works together for our common good makes most people very happy and creates an experience of abundant wealth on many planes, materially, emotionally and spiritually. One can easily be seduced into thinking that the commune takes care of everything and all your worries will be gone forever. But be aware. A commune consists of other people, and however much we care about each other, in the end no one wants to be made responsible to take care of you. AED_signEverything may go well for a long time as long as no major accidents happen but keep in mind that we are neither your health insurance company nor your savings bank or your personal pension plan. And since you are here officially as either a guest or a volunteer worker you are not a permanent resident and hence cannot even apply for social security from the local government. It is up to you to arrange your matters in a responsible way at home before you decide to come over and live here.


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