Who’s going to live there?

Some people have asked this question and it is of course hard to predict, it will be a surprise for me too. But judging from my own situation: I am one of many sannyasins who were about 30 years younger when it all started to happen with  sannyas communes and so on, and we are nearing our retirement age now. Looking at choices for what to do next, nothing appeals to me more than living in nature with many friends on our own land, where we can still enjoy an active life in our own relaxed way, growing our food and having the freedom and space to create whatever we want to enjoy. Living with the forest, the fields, the river and the lake. So is this going to be a sannyasin retirement place? Not exactly but yes, you can retire here. But it offers attractive opportunities for all age groups. Looking at my children and their friends I see some who are having careers and activities that they really enjoy but also others that are still searching. We can offer them a livelyhood, an opportunity to meditate, to live in nature and find a new purpose in life. To jump out of a difficult situation and stop worrying about how to find a job in a worsening economic crisis. The world is facing grave problems of unsustainable overpopulation and socio-economic disasters. One of the best places to live in the foreseeable future will be a rural environment, in a community of supportive people who can sustain themselves growing their own health food. Apart from being a hide-out it will simply be living a joyful life of meditation and celebration. And of course you can still continue to travel around and keep in touch with the outside world, no one has to be here all the time. Basically we are all visitors in this place, for however short or long we want to be here.Typical


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