A walk on the wild side

Someone commented that we cannot go back to the past. ‘These going back to nature experiments are a thing of the seventies’, she said. I agree that living in nature must not be confused with living a primitive lifestyle, but that is not what we intend to do here. Rather we will use the most advanced technology to make life easy, abundant and totally 21st century. But at the same time we will live in a natural environment without the stress, pollution, crime and traffic congestions that seem to go with present-day life. WalkAccording to a recent experiment published in the journal Psychological Science, a walk in nature results in a 20% improvement in memory and attention tests, while an urban walk does nothing. ‘This makes perfect sense’, commented health advisor Dr Weil in his website today under the heading: Get Outside, Get Smarter. ‘Our brains evolved in natural, low-noise, low-visual-contrast wilderness settings; not the relentless high-stimulation environments of our offices, technology-stuffed homes, or urban cityscapes. It is only natural that we shut down our ability to focus and take in stimuli in assaultive environments, and, conversely, replenish our ability to “open up” and focus in nature.’  See? The experts agree with our plans. There are many reasons to join our community in Southern Europe. Even if you could be here just part time, don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk on the wild side.


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    artvr said,

    Hi ,just found your site,really interested in your vision,I go to osho leela in england a lot, and Andalucia,I would love to visit you,this is my website http://www.vincentrymer.co.uk and email, artist@vincentrymer.co.uk I hope to hear from you,warm regards Vincent

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    karen said,


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