The weatherman says warm and sunny

The yearly average maximum temperature in southern Portugal is 21° Celsius. In summer months the daytime temperature goes to 26, which is just 2 degrees higher than in London. The good news is that in winter months the average does not go below 16 degrees, while in London it falls to 6. Average minimum temperatures follow a similar pattern. In summer months it is around 18 degrees at night in Portugal which is about 5 degrees better than London but in winter the difference is larger with 10 degrees in Portugal vs 2 degrees in London. The best news of all however is the sunshine. For every one hour of sunshine in London, you get 6 hours in southern Portugal. And does all of this mean that Portugal is terribly dry and nothing will grow there? Not at all. The average rainfall in winter is not much different from England, at around 80 mm per month. Only in summer we are treated to much more dependable dry weather. This is where the application of permaculture methods, especially the creation of water landscapes, becomes important as it will allow us to store water from the winter rains in lakes. This not only enables irrigation in the dry season but more importantly it raises the groundwater table, bringing moisture and mineral nutrients to the plant roots from below.

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