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Exposure to microwave radiation has increased by a factor of 200 in the last ten years and continues to increase rapidly. Some people think this is not a good idea, such as Dr Mercola who writes today in his newsletter: Scientists Believe Your Cell Phone Is a Death Trap, or Camilla Rees of Electromagnetichealth.org who says a brain tumor tsunami is feared. Many people are already suffering health effects. In southern France there is now an EMF free zone where sensitive people can move to. I myself moved house fifteen years ago after suffering from inexplicable health disorders and subsequently finding out that a mobile phone base station had been installed (without any information or consultation with tenants) on the roof of our apartment building, right over my head. There is some evidence that Colony Collapse Disorder, or the disappearance of bees, is linked to EMF radiation. Einstein has said that if honey bees become extinct, humans will go next. Getting away from electrosmog is one  good reason to move to Osho’s Garden in Portugal, and even more so if you are a beekeeper (yes, we are looking for one but that’s another story). You do need to adapt to the fact that your cell phone does not work in these valleys and that we want to keep it that way. But it will be exciting to relearn some old ways of connecting (shout, whistle or sing really loud?). And eventually we will install a fixed communications network, using shielded cable and fibre optics.


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    karen said,

    My heartfelt congratulations and thank you!
    I do hope you can keep it this way… so many poluted places already, we need to be able to get away from it at times at least…


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    Jennifer Wood said,

    How can I move to Osho’s garden in Portugal or some other EMF free zone as soon as possible due to serious health problems related to emf? I am currently in NE US but have lived all over the world and will move to wherever there is an emf free area. I was an architect and writer by trade before severe disability set in and am knowledgeable in environmental architecturer for chemically sensitive people, have a modestfixed income andcan contribute free services asaregistered massage therapist and if health improves as a registered architect, editor,writer etc. Messages can be left on cell phone: 214 995 5077. My health is at great risk – have lost 45 lbs and have much suffering I sometimes cleared in one spot on a long island bay beach where there was no cell pnone reception in summer but it is a tiny spot. I pray someone will contact me as soon as possible – fighting for my life. Thank you and I will also return help in time as I am able

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      Osho's Garden said,

      What a lucky coincidence that you found us. We would love to have an architect live on our 70 acre EMF free land. It will be a bit inconvenient in the beginning as there are hardly any facilities, we have not started to build on it yet. We live in a house and caravans in the same municipality at the moment but that is not in an EMF free area. But we can support you in setting up camp, moving a caravan over there, or putting up a dome.

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    Please contact me ASAP. At 831-688-8038 in Aptos, California or via aptosnews@gmail.com. We are relocating to a spot in Europe which is relatively free of EMF pollution. From there we can find an ideal spot. Anyone interested in this sort of things should keep in touch with us. Loving regards, Richard, Sylvie and Marcello

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      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi Richard, Sylvie and Marcello,
      You are welcome to help us create an EMF free Eco-village. The land we own is free of EMF – No electricity, no mobile phone reception. – Now we need to create facilities there, using solar power (DC current) and communication via shielded cables only, no wireless signals.

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        sebastian said,

        Hello, i would be very interessted in recieving more information about this place!
        I myself started to become EHS and while i still can, i am looking for people and a place where i can build up or help build up a place without EMF.
        I am bio dynamic farmer and will soon be finished with a second trade as a adjucationalist and therapist for labour adjucation.
        please contact me strait to my emal:
        other ideas and people with similar ideas wellcome

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        sebastian said,

        I am sorry my emailadress was writen wrong
        it is the following:

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    sebastian said,

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I will be busy with my examines for the next 5 months an then start planning what to do, whether to buy some peace of land and start a village myself with some partners, where to go, or where to join. Therefore you will see some sort of resume soon.
    After having spent every spare minute on researching about EMF and EHS and many other vital things in this world, I consider myself an expert regarding EMF and how to create alternatives. I also have many ideas how to get big funds to build a place for many EHS people or the ones with the awareness, how to get everyone something to do, what kind of project I would like to implement and so on. This goes on to Guesthouses and permanent living spaces for those in need for sheltered living, to maybe later a clinic like the one in Brazil (Detox clinic) ect.
    I have the machine to measure the irradiation and shitloads of English and German material about studies and alternatives to have a presentation and convince people that it will be best for everyone to live without them, until the greedy company’s have realised that it is actually killing there customers and implement new and harmless technology, like laser light or gravitation waves ect.
    i could even imagine to help more than one place to set up connections and knowledge about how to provide a better world to as many people as possible.
    You may ask if i could send you a copy of my concept, unfortunately so far this has only been growing in my head since the last 6 years, as an Eco Village and since the last 2 years as en emf free zone and possible other combinations.
    I slowly meet the right people that advise me with the finance issues and others and once my study is done i want to put everything on paper.
    so if there is other people out there that have same or similar or even better and more mature ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me on emffreezone@gmail.com
    Chers Sebastian

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    Sarah Benson said,

    I am also EHS and looking for accommodation in an EMR-free zone. Its fantastic to learn of such safe areas for sensitive people to live in, however I have noticed from living in houses with solar power that this can also be a problem. The radiation not as negaitve or as intense, but it is still can be problematic. To heat water I find that the best is the old system, with the HWS only swtiched on for a couple of hours during the day, rather than all night.

    I have done a lot of research in the adverse health effects from EMR and have also written a 40 page paper on these and the sharp spike in global illness in the past 15 years.

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      Osho's Garden said,

      Hi Sarah,
      Solar electric power is DC power, which has no EM field. But it will give you problems if you connect an inverter to make it into AC power for household appliances. So better avoid that and use DC lamps for lighting, directly from the battery. We are building a solar collector for direct hot water generation from solar heat. Such a hot water system obviously does not generate an EM field so I think it can safely be used day and night.

  6. 11

    Aimee Dorion said,

    I am looking for an emf free space to live. Where is the location of the places all of you are referring to? I’d like to find out and keep in touch.
    Does anyone know of any emf free housing even temporary , within an hour or 2 of Nevada City California? Thanks!!

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      Osho's Garden said,

      The best EMF free zone is the ocean. I would buy a sailboat and sail away. The wind is for free and it is a wonderful life too!

  7. 13

    Aimee Dorion said,

    Please keep me informed if you start an emf free eco village, especially on the west coast of the U.S. I’m very interested. Thanks.

  8. 14

    Sven said,

    EHS too. Need to move to EMF-free zone. Systems Engineer with environmental medicine knowledge. Willing to plant food and help create natural energy sources.

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