One of the oldest building techniques on earth is using rammed earth. Many consider it to be primitive but it is becoming modern again. Taipa, as it is called in Portugal, has all the advantages one would like to see in a superior building material: High insulation factor, maintenance free, durable (portions of the great wall of China were made like this – 5000 years ago!), fireproof, soundproof, earthquake proof, hurricane proof, pest proof, moisture balancing, environmentally friendly, and low cost. It is freely available locally without the need for transportation and after abandonment for whatever reason it can be turned back into the earth without leaving a trace of pollution. Not only is this the most Eco-friendly way to build, it is also fast and simple and fun to do. Today our architect, who started reviving this old and abandoned technique 25 years ago in this area showed me his beautiful and romantic house that he built himself with just a few helpers. After hearing of our plans he offered to teach us how to build our meditation center and whatever else we need ourselves, by using just the earth of our own land plus some locally produced wood and tiles and a minimum amount of other materials.

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