Grow a mushroom, save the world

I noticed three different kinds of mushrooms on my walks through Osho’s Garden, some orange and red and these white ones. Mushrooms, as I was told in school grow on wood and moisture, some are edible and others poisonous and that’s about all I knew until recently. They are not plants and have no roots, they grow out of Mycelium, the threadlike white stuff that reproduces them under the ground and absorbs nutrients. It’s almost too good to be true what they say about it. The digestive power of Mycelium can decompose pollution and toxic wastes and turn them into healthy soil. It can control erosion, insect populations and viruses, it can create biofuel, in one word it can rescue the planet, according to Paul Stamets, who wrote some famous books and gave an enlightening presentation, you can watch the video on He is called a visionary by fellow mycologists and botanists. He also said that growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms can help the biodynamics of permaculture soar to extraordinary levels of productivity. So it appears to be a win-win situation. And since we have forested areas in Osho’s Garden why not save the world by growing some Shiitake under the cork oaks, just to name one popular variety, and make our own Kombucha tea. If anyone of you wants to take it up, our Mycoculture project is now looking for a manager!


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    Julia Bradley said,

    I would love to grow mushrooms & among other products produce kombucha tea.

    • 2

      Osho's Garden said,

      That’s great Julia! Then it looks like we can start this project soon. So we may harvest our first mushrooms this fall already. I will send you an email to discuss particulars.

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