An ever-growing number of communities are choosing to live unplugged. Outside The System. It could hold a solution to some of the planet’s worst environmental woes. If everyone unplugs, then who needs those bickering politicians at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, right? And on our newly acquired land, where electricity and drinking water are not even available yet we might as well invest in generating green energy instead of a connection to the grid, right? How difficult can it be? TV producer and editor of http://www.off-grid.net/ Nick Rosen answers that question in an interview with CNN today: “Things require more care and planning, but it’s pretty easy, it’s not like we’re putting on a hair shirt to live that way” and he continues to explain that life can be “as comfortable as on the grid but at a fraction of the cost.” And Hugh Piggott, a world authority on wind power, living unplugged in Scotland reports “We have the same sort of facilities as everybody else — televisions, computers, fridges and washing machines. The difference is that we’re doing it with renewable energy rather than connecting to the national grid.” Well, if it can be done in Scotland, how much easier must it be in warm and sunny southwestern Portugal! Landscape gardener Robert Kite, who moved from London to Cadiz to set up an off-grid home with his partner Flavia states it as a mission: “I see people who live off-grid as the foot soldiers of the environmental revolution, the early adopters of what we will all have to do in the very near future.” So what are you waiting for? Come and join the Legion of Osho’s Gardeneers*, the green revolution is waiting for you in Saboia, Portugal. The New Man, as Osho explains, can live in a new world by ‘unplugging’ from the old. By consciously liberating himself of old and outdated beliefs, ways and means. But now we’re entering the realm of consciousness: Getting Outside The System by getting it out of your system!
(* Not a typo, but a neologism for Garden Engineers – our green technologists)


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    Ambara said,

    Dear Pujari

    What a beautiful surprise that you started this project and what a beautiful project!!

    Apart from the Osho sannyas energy field you are creating I also particularly like that you want to make the community unplugged!! This way of living might be sooner or later necessary for all of us!

    Did you hear already about Mahadevi, the Indian Osho sannyasin who wrote the book “From Fear to Enlightenment”? If not, check out her blog http://www.mahadevi.info/blog/, she started an initiative “My Osho, My Sannyas” to form a global sannyas organization again and it seems to really create a lot of resonance. Your project also totally fits into it.

    Please put me on your round email for further updates.
    Your blog looks very beautiful.

    With love from the Mevlana Commune,


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