Wishing you a happy and healthy 2010

Wishing is good but there is more that we can do about it. We can take things in our own hand in 2010. To promote your happiness Osho recommends meditation on a daily basis. It’s the cure for all varieties of unhappiness. And as far as your health is concerned I was surprised to learn that medical science has already found the causes of cancer, heart failure, diabetes, kidney stones, osteoporosis, MS, Alzheimers and many other degenerative diseases. And the cure too, believe it or not! Yes I know, if you remember Hulda Clark’s books with titles like “The cure for all diseases” you may be understandably skeptical about yet another claim of a cure-for-all. So was I, until a friend sent me a link to a videotaped lecture by Professor T. Colin Campbell, who studied medical records of large populations over many years. The results as explained in his book “The China Study” show that we are all fooled by the good old food pyramid and the dairy industry. We are led to believe that their products are necessary and health promoting, whereas the contrary is already known for some time and proven beyond doubt: Actually it makes you sick. I used to think that the choice for a vegetarian diet was based mainly on moral, ecological and aesthetic considerations. That eating a piece of free range chicken or a chunk of wild salmon would not hurt. But here is news for all you part-time vegetarians: A vegetarian diet containing absolutely no or at most very little proteins from animal sources will almost certainly save you from most of the diseases that are filling hospitals and nursing homes and cause so much suffering. It will not only prevent but can even reverse or improve existing health issues! If you can spare the time you might enjoy to watch his lecture (google Colin Campbell video).


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    Ernesto said,

    Well – I loved the food this weekend. Don’t forget though, mental health is just as important, so don’t feel bad if you have a little piece of meat once in a while because you like the taste. Or chocolate fudge. Or CHEESE! Feeling bad about it lowers your immune system, but feeling good about eating something supposedly bad increase your immune system.

    I am sure the chickens and cows are happy with your message.

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    Sugit said,

    I discovered this book,The China Study of Colin Campbell, a few years ago. It is the single book that convinced me (a pretty scientific nerd and meat-eater) on my own terms that
    meat and dairy = bad for your health & our planet
    eating plants = good

    A must read for anyone who wants to speak about healthy food.

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