Savoy Hotel

Hotel Sabóia or Savoy Hotel is the pet name for our farmhouse near Sabóia town and train station. It gives us access to civilization while we are still building on the land (13 km away) and preparing for an unplugged life in nature. It is a place where the train and bus arrive, UPS and the mailman deliver and drinking water comes from the tap. Where we can take a hot shower, open the fridge and cook a meal or connect our laptops to the Internet. Where you can go shopping or visit the village pub. It is in itself a fairly large property with capacity for many tents and caravans and a field to grow vegetables. There are olive, orange and pomegranate trees, and a small river that flows all year. The farmhouse is old and the first thing we are going to do is renovate it in order to create a beautiful meditation room, a larger kitchen and more bathroom facilities. And a natural swimming pool. Don’t be mistaken by the nickname, we are not really going to run a hotel or a even guest house. If you want to come as a visitor you are welcome to join the meetings and meditations. But if you want to live with us, whether for a short or a longer period, it cannot be as a hotel guest but only as a participant in the Osho Garden project.

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    zumati said,

    i like that name 🙂

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    Gyana said,

    THANK you for your mail! I am happy to receive some first news of you in my mailbox because I was unsure after I sent you some “comments” on a blog months before, if I would ever hear of you and did not remeber the name of your place, which is very beautiful indeed (the name). It sounds most interesting how your project is evolving too and I am looking forward to visit this year (latest october).
    “The” Osho signature is already hanging in all it’s glory above my bed, but another one would be most welcome! Let’s see what I can do cardwise…

    Love from the fields of belgium,


    Ps. Are you on facebook at all?

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    Gyana said,

    ps. Can you please mail me the address of Saboia so that I can try and situate you in Portugal, where I will be traveling again this (late) summer.

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      Osho's Garden said,

      Yes, please do. Saboia is a small town in Odemira county, about 50 km north of the Algarve coast, on the south bank of the Rio Mira. The house is near the Sta Clara-Saboia train station, 300 m south of the bridge where the N266 passes a small river.

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