You’ve got Mail!

Did I say that the mailman delivers in Sabóia? Well it was a mistake, the mailperson here – you guessed it! – is a woman. Last week after the rituals at the notario were completed I finally moved into the house and today I went to the post office to introduce the Osho Garden project. Behind the counter I found the same woman who stopped her delivery van a few days ago at our front door. She runs the post office and mail delivery service for Sabóia all by herself, dividing the day in opening hours and delivery hours. Fortunately – for my portuguese is still extremely rudimentary – most young portuguese speak english and so I could ask permission to take a picture of her in the Sabóia Correios. I prepared her for a postcard tsunami from Osho friends all over the world and since her work makes her happy you can make both of us feel good by sending your greeting cards to the address below:

Osho Garden
7665-801 Sabóia

So now I’ll be waiting at the door for her call: Olá senhor, bom dia. You’ve got Mail! Your postcards will be used to decorate the walls of our new office and can win you a prize: A framed reproduction of an Osho signature – to collect in Sabóia – will be raffled among the first one hundred contributors 😎


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    Darshan said,

    Hi Pujari

    Wonderful to hear evrything is set to take of.

    Boa sorte! Muito sucesso. E que possamos fazer muitas coisas juntos!

    Beijo e abracinho


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