Work in progress

The existing kitchen served the former inhabitants for 30 years but was too small and outdated for a cuisine de Notel.  So today we took a wall down and now we are building another, creating more kitchen space.  Meet our construction crew, today consisting of Frank, Bas and Marcos. Frank and Marcos started a commune last year with some friends on 8 ha of land near Tamera, also in Odemira county. They are with 10 people now. Bas lives in Amoreiras Gare, not far from Prembodhi and Navino. They are also involved in Permaculture,  organic food, Taipa building and solar energy and we are looking forward to work on all kinds of projects together.


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  1. 1

    Darshan said,

    Uau!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m really happy! Congratulations.

    Love and hug


  2. 2

    Julia Bradley said,

    It would be wonderful if Frank & Marcos (and/or their friends) could help us make raised beds as suggested by permaculture ideals so that we could grow our own vegetables & herbs. Especially if we added ‘terra preta’ to the soil.

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