The Power Meditation

If you are worried whether we meditate at all or are just having a good time, you are in good company. Or shall I say, you are in the company of a part of ourselves and of some mothers, girlfriends and sisters. Do you know why brothers, boyfriends and fathers don’t worry about this problem? It’s because they know the secret of the Power Meditation! Anudip, our Construction Supervisor is a Master of it, and if you happen to visit us he may instruct you. The Power Meditation has four stages. Stage one. You cook a breakfast from oats, apples, bananas and other goodies and meditatively consume it with a cup of coffee. Stage two. You can choose, either lift heavy cutting machinery or swing hammer and chisel to cut holes in walls. Stage three. You have coffee in silent sitting while the electrician puts the Power Cables into the wall. Stage four. You plaster the holes with cement again until it looks almost like it was before. As you can see it is a variation on Gurdjieffs technique of digging a ditch and filling it up again. Please look it up in the Book of Secrets and if you find it, tell me which number it is. And above all, don’t take me and this weblog seriously guys. Yes, we will soon start a full-scale Osho meditation program here, but meditation can also happen all day in all we do, if we do it with full awareness and enjoy every second of it.

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  1. 1

    Julia said,

    This sounds like a wonderfully practical meditation!!

  2. 3

    Gyana said,

    mm… what they call the “working meditation” in Pune…

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