Santa Clara-a-Velha

Today is Saturday, the electricians stopped their work at noon and we used the afternoon to explore Santa Clara-a-Velha, just five minutes from Sabóia on the other bank of the Mira. We were hungry as the work today even required the temporary dismantling of our emergency kitchen so we felt fortunate to find a busy restaurant in this small town. Pepe’s place is quite enjoyable and serves good food. After our snack lunch (we were late for actual lunchtime which starts at noon in this area) we had a date with Luisa, our Real Estate Agent, a.k.a. our Relationship Manager. She has quite a history with our project already as she helped to find the land and the house and today was helping to find rental rooms. Just as a precaution in case people come to visit us without their own caravans and before it is warm enough to live in a tent in the garden. The picture reveals her typical way of waving a cigarette around while informing everyone she knows what the problem is (with anything), but I wonder….. We found some nice rooms.


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