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Julia got some help in the garden today from Praveeta and Sugit visiting Osho Garden. They are long time friends and both are in for something new.  Earlier today José levelled the soil by dragging another tool behind his tractor. This brought many river rocks to the surface, more beautiful than any you can buy so we collected them to border and protect seedlings, waterways and paths.

Afterwards we set out for a tour of the land. Praveeta tested the water of a mountain stream and was surprised to find out that there are still places where you can drink from a river and it’s not even freezing cold like in Sweden.

Driving into the land was challenging enough but once we were down there it was even more difficult to get out again.

Even in low-gear it was an adventure as the roads were at times extremely steep, very muddy and in many places washed away. The rivers either crossed the tracks or were the same thing alltogether. O-plus and Sugit both suffered a few scratches from thorny bushes but most of all we had great fun.

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Only once José

There’s a large field behind the house where we plan to make our vegetable garden. It has not been in use for a long time and today José came with his tractor to turn the weeds upside down. Now we must buy seeds and make a plan. In Permaculture the idea is that you do this only once. Every year the plants will die in winter and come up again the next season without the need for more plowing and seeding. Doesn’t that sound good? Now we only need someone who knows how to do it. If you happen to know experienced permaculturalists who might be interested to join our community, please give them a call. Meanwhile inside the house today the telephone landline and ADSL got connected. You can call us any time except during Evening Meeting (18:45 – 20:30 Portuguese time, that is the same as in the UK but 19:45 – 21:30 in most of Western Europe) at 00351 283 881 304

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A day in Osho’s Garden

This morning the electricians came to upgrade our power lines to three-phase. Now we will have to wait one month for approval from Lisbon and then we can start to use our ceramic hob and the dishwasher. In the afternoon Roy came back to dig wider and deeper. Deepika cooked delicious meals all day long, Zumati administered and took care of the Evening Meeting with the Master, and Julia did what gardeners young and old like most: Playing with mud.

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Roy was here

Roy is cheerful and easygoing. He lives nearby and has a big machinery. With one side he can dig deep, with the other he can push hard. All day long. Some spectacle! No wonder the ladies got interested. He moved a lot of earth creating a car parking area, an access road to the caravan park and a gully to improve the drainage around the house. Up and down, all day long.

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Oshomobile Plus

When our last adventure landed in deep mud Ernesto commented that now we knew what kind of vehicle we needed. So in order to spare poor little Oshomobile further hardship we went searching for an off-roader. Meet Oshomobile Plus, a 4×4 double-cabin Pick-up truck. With his heavy tires, large ground clearance and hi and lo gears he can now take over the macho jobs from his little sister, including towing loads up to two tons. So today we could finally make our eagerly awaited trip to the land, accompanied by Frank (our Kitchenbuilder aka the Man Who Introduced Us To Luisa) and Julia, our First Gardener, who arrived at Osho Garden earlier this week. The sun was out, the first flowers are blossoming and though the rains have stopped days ago the Ribieras are still flowing abundantly. All in all it was a perfect day for a walk in nature and we made the round of the land. Many of the tracks that we followed coincide with the riverbeds and in the valley Basho’s Pond had taken over the road with frogs jumping all around us. We had to wade through but fortunately we all had our boots on. However if you come in a few months you won’t need to bring yours because in summer it hardly ever rains and the riverbeds will all be dry. Until we start doing something about it. We would like the lakes to become permanent and more and larger and are planning to build many dams and fish ladders in order to create a water landscape. The water in the mountain brook that we are following in the third picture comes from our own land, all unspoiled nature without anything that might pollute it. I left my water bottle in the car and drank from the stream. It tasted fresh and clean.

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Expedition to the Land

Every day is a new adventure and especially yesterday, when in good spirits we hit the road with the plan for a first walk around the land together. The last part of the way to the land consists of dirt roads and the heavy rains had turned them into mud tracks. But with a bit of luck we managed to get to the last hurdle, a little stream that was so shallow last December that I could cross it in my small car. But not today. When Satsavya fathomed it we found it too deep and fast flowing to even wade across in our boots. We tried to proceed to another crossing but it was definitely not the best day for such a venture and this time the car got stuck in an exceptionally deep patch of mud. We did all the exercises we could think of using shovels, rocks, rope, twigs, the jack and wooden boards until we were largely covered in mud. While we were sweating our Oshomobile rested lazily in the dirt not moving an inch. The rainstorms kept coming and we finally gave up and went looking for help from neighbors. This area has less than one inhabitant per square kilometer and we met the first human being after almost an hour. It was the mother of Fernando, a very fortunate meeting indeed because her son is the owner of the only tractor in the area. She went into his house and persuaded him to help some strangers in need. He got the biggest rope he could find in his garage, drove us back in his tractor and pulled us out of the mud. Muito obrigado Fernando!

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