Expedition to the Land

Every day is a new adventure and especially yesterday, when in good spirits we hit the road with the plan for a first walk around the land together. The last part of the way to the land consists of dirt roads and the heavy rains had turned them into mud tracks. But with a bit of luck we managed to get to the last hurdle, a little stream that was so shallow last December that I could cross it in my small car. But not today. When Satsavya fathomed it we found it too deep and fast flowing to even wade across in our boots. We tried to proceed to another crossing but it was definitely not the best day for such a venture and this time the car got stuck in an exceptionally deep patch of mud. We did all the exercises we could think of using shovels, rocks, rope, twigs, the jack and wooden boards until we were largely covered in mud. While we were sweating our Oshomobile rested lazily in the dirt not moving an inch. The rainstorms kept coming and we finally gave up and went looking for help from neighbors. This area has less than one inhabitant per square kilometer and we met the first human being after almost an hour. It was the mother of Fernando, a very fortunate meeting indeed because her son is the owner of the only tractor in the area. She went into his house and persuaded him to help some strangers in need. He got the biggest rope he could find in his garage, drove us back in his tractor and pulled us out of the mud. Muito obrigado Fernando!

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  1. 1

    Ernesto said,

    Well, you know what vehicle to buy first now

  2. 3

    Joke said,

    it all looks so great to me. I would love to join and visit you! Please keep me informed. Love Joke (Holland)

    • 4

      Osho's Garden said,

      Done. To join, please send a picture and write something about yourself, including when you want to come and what you like to do.

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