Oshomobile Plus

When our last adventure landed in deep mud Ernesto commented that now we knew what kind of vehicle we needed. So in order to spare poor little Oshomobile further hardship we went searching for an off-roader. Meet Oshomobile Plus, a 4×4 double-cabin Pick-up truck. With his heavy tires, large ground clearance and hi and lo gears he can now take over the macho jobs from his little sister, including towing loads up to two tons. So today we could finally make our eagerly awaited trip to the land, accompanied by Frank (our Kitchenbuilder aka the Man Who Introduced Us To Luisa) and Julia, our First Gardener, who arrived at Osho Garden earlier this week. The sun was out, the first flowers are blossoming and though the rains have stopped days ago the Ribieras are still flowing abundantly. All in all it was a perfect day for a walk in nature and we made the round of the land. Many of the tracks that we followed coincide with the riverbeds and in the valley Basho’s Pond had taken over the road with frogs jumping all around us. We had to wade through but fortunately we all had our boots on. However if you come in a few months you won’t need to bring yours because in summer it hardly ever rains and the riverbeds will all be dry. Until we start doing something about it. We would like the lakes to become permanent and more and larger and are planning to build many dams and fish ladders in order to create a water landscape. The water in the mountain brook that we are following in the third picture comes from our own land, all unspoiled nature without anything that might pollute it. I left my water bottle in the car and drank from the stream. It tasted fresh and clean.


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    hot wheels!

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