Only once José

There’s a large field behind the house where we plan to make our vegetable garden. It has not been in use for a long time and today José came with his tractor to turn the weeds upside down. Now we must buy seeds and make a plan. In Permaculture the idea is that you do this only once. Every year the plants will die in winter and come up again the next season without the need for more plowing and seeding. Doesn’t that sound good? Now we only need someone who knows how to do it. If you happen to know experienced permaculturalists who might be interested to join our community, please give them a call. Meanwhile inside the house today the telephone landline and ADSL got connected. You can call us any time except during Evening Meeting (18:45 – 20:30 Portuguese time, that is the same as in the UK but 19:45 – 21:30 in most of Western Europe) at 00351 283 881 304

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    badal said,

    dear friends, you need 3-phase electricity only for very energy expensive machines such as are used by serralharias (iron workers) or in major fabricas. For normal house and small farms monophasic electricity is quite sufficient. Monophasic is offered in various “potencias” between 1,15 and 20,7 kVA. I have three houses and pumps (up to 1 HP) etc for 5 ha of land and use 6,9 kVA only without problems.

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    badal said,

    dear friends, don’t believe everything you read in books. In theory everything is possible. In reality the vegetable garden will INSTANTLY transform into a weed paradise. Permaculture, YES. Do it. But only treat with the theory. That is, plant for shade and shelter around the outer and inner boundaries and plant your vegetables in the inner spaces according to well known ideas about companion planting, cycle planting, and temporal planting. In time your beautiful garden will create itself. For shelter trees i would reccommend Feijoas (see wikipedia) which I am growing for sale to interested gardeners at reasonable prices ( ie 33-50% of local prices). You should buy “The Royal Hortiicultural Society Encyclopedia of Gardening” on for starters.

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      Osho's Garden said,

      Badal, why do you waste all that experience on a small farm? We have 32 ha waiting to be planted. Please come over and join us asap.

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