Julia got some help in the garden today from Praveeta and Sugit visiting Osho Garden. They are long time friends and both are in for something new.  Earlier today José levelled the soil by dragging another tool behind his tractor. This brought many river rocks to the surface, more beautiful than any you can buy so we collected them to border and protect seedlings, waterways and paths.

Afterwards we set out for a tour of the land. Praveeta tested the water of a mountain stream and was surprised to find out that there are still places where you can drink from a river and it’s not even freezing cold like in Sweden.

Driving into the land was challenging enough but once we were down there it was even more difficult to get out again.

Even in low-gear it was an adventure as the roads were at times extremely steep, very muddy and in many places washed away. The rivers either crossed the tracks or were the same thing alltogether. O-plus and Sugit both suffered a few scratches from thorny bushes but most of all we had great fun.

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