Today Pembodhi from Maravilhas came visiting us with Navino and Mahadevi. After sampling my freshly baked apple pie they wanted to see The Land so we boarded O+ and off we went. After crossing through several rivers we arrived at this big Sobreiro (Cork Oak) and the woman formerly known as Kancha showered her affection once more on a beautiful being, this time hugging a tree for a change…


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    mahadevi said,

    Yes what a beautiful day that was…
    Sharing singing and laughing with friends
    and being inspired by the great spirit and plans of Pujari
    Prem, Navino and me were sharing all our expierences and love for Portugal….
    Great that Pujari is having this Osho project here
    Slowly more and ore beautiful friends are living nearby ….
    Mahadevi (Kanchha)

  2. 2

    prembodhi said,

    It is great that Pujari choose the house and land not far from Monte Maravilhas, so we can meet and have fun together…I was very impressed by the ideas for this project and find Pujari very courageous…It is beautiful to create your vision and make your dreams come true!

    love, Prembodhi

    p.s. Pujari’s applepie is definitely worth coming to Portugal!

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