Workin’ the earth

Our Yellow Emperess arrived and Sugit was the first to jump on her. She hums happily all day while our new Spiderman is getting the feel of it and learning how to handle her. As she is not yet allowed to leave the garden we drive to the gas station to fill a jerrycan when she needs to drink. The new team (She looks like a SpiderWoman to me but don’t tell anyone) is now levelling an area where a large tent will arise, partly to house a construction workshop and partly bathrooms for the campsite. Meanwhile Anudip and Marien are learning how to build in Taipa. Our first rammed earth job is in preparation for the reconstruction of the barn. Ramming earth is an age-old and primitive building technique but there’s nothing wrong with that, it is easy and works well. Such buildings can remain for thousands of years. And when they are demolished the material goes back into the earth and plants can grow there again. Does that sound more sustainable than building with steel and cement or what?


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