The Art of Cooking

Growing a spiritual community is a bit like gardening. You need to nourish your plants with good compost. Therefore the essence of the community may be found in the meditation room but the real secret is in the kitchen. Latifa has prepared us many delicious meals since the beginning of April but she needs to go elsewhere coming Monday. Know anyone who is interested to be our new Chef de Cuisine? Tell me!


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    Deepika said,

    I see on the picture that the wok is still alive! 🙂 Maybe you should fulfill the Chef vacation yourself for a while….. it’s a pity that I never tasted your apple pies. Haha, only my own flat cakes! 🙂

    • 2

      Osho's Garden said,

      Yes I can cook a few things but I better not take that job. With a scatterbrain like me people would go hungry half of the time. And don’t worry about your cake baking abilities, I guess our cake tin has the right shape for apple pies but it’s no good for cakes. We will buy another.

  2. 3

    mahadevi said,

    Hej Latifa
    I read that you are leaving coming monday
    I hope you will make it to the swimmingpoolparty sunday in 1 week…
    You are an important guest to me …
    Have a nice day

  3. 5

    Joke said,

    Do you already have a cook? I would love to help! xxx Joke

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