Nouvelle Cuisine

You haven’t heard from me for a while. After sending out An Invitation we were waiting for you all to be ready to pack your bags and get on the road. And so it happened. As I said before, the kitchen comes next to the meditation room in importance in a community like this and I am happy to announce that it is in full swing again with Léa, our new French chef de cuisine, the first of a new wave of volunteer workers at the Osho Garden project. Today she is assisted by Daiva from Lithuania who also arrived this week, as did Miriam, Shridar, Ekata and Dayaram from England, Bindia from Belgium, Sergio from Portugal and Greg and Sally from Scotland. And the well-known Portuguese-Belgian Zen Master Anudip*. So we are with twelve now, including me, plus our distinguished visitor Trouble, a very friendly dog. For accommodation we have four caravans, a big tent on a wooden platform, two rooms in the house and visitor tents in the garden. We are working together on different projects about which I may have more news in the coming days.

* Some of our names may sound unfamiliar to you. Osho used to give new names, mostly of Sanskrit origin, as a device to break the identification with the past and to symbolize the start of a new life according to our own conscious choices rather than our old conditionings.


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