Without ruler

Osho has often critized politicians and governments. If we have inner discipline and moral integrity, then freedom is possible and we have no need for outer authority and rulers dominating our lives. This can be considered anarchy and many are afraid it will be a lawless society but Osho explained that the absence of authoritarian figures does not mean an absence of discipline. He said: Authority is slavery for you. Discipline is living an organic, harmonious life. In the picture: Prince Kropotkin (1842-1921), one of the first advocates of anarchist communism. He wrote a book about cooperation as a survival mechanism in human societies. We at Osho Garden are aiming to attract participants who do not need much outer discipline.


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    Hugo Vercauteren said,

    I am very glad to reed this. I used to believe in those ideas (once I concidered myself as an anarchist-communist. This is a long time ago. I believe very much in a cooperative society. Very much. I am glad Osho explained these things I once believed in.

    I am very sorry not to have been in your commune this summer.


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      Osho's Garden said,

      Once I considered myself a liberal capitalist and globalist. That is a long time ago 🙂 Now I know that every good idea and all Utopian visions can be perverted by misunderstanding, rigidity or worse: madness, greed and lust for power. At Osho Garden we experiment and look for new ways to live together and we try to impose a minimum of outer authority. And meditation is an essential part of our daily lives. It reconnects us with our inner realities, allows the clouds to pass that blind our vision and thereby helps to prevent us from going astray.

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