Strauja, strauja upe tecēj

It’s Latvian for Fast, fast river flows. Tonight Monta was playing the flute and we were singing this and other Latvian songs. Song and dance is popular in Latvia. We watched a YouTube video of a choir made up of 30,000 people, that’s more than 1 percent of their population. I don’t expect the Osho Garden Choir to be that big anytime soon but whoever and wherever you are, come sing and dance with us here in Portugal.

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    sw prem badal said,

    In the 1960’s, in New Zealand, 300,000 (10% of the total pop.) turned out against the builiding of a dam to produce electricity for a Japanese company to make aluminium. In the USA this would have been 2,5 millions. So what is 10% of the poulation of your beautiful center???

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