No Mind

There was a feeling of melancholy this morning because it was time to say goodbye again. But like so many of those who have been here our Latvian friends intend to return to what they now feel is like their second home in Portugal. Then Lia and Eduardo who recently moved from the Algarve to a house not too far from here came visiting and after lunch we again watched the video of the Latvian song festival, where half of the stadium is listening to the other half singing. Click on this link to hear our favorite song. Before everyone had to go we had time for the sixth and last of our present series of introductions, today it was the Osho No Mind meditation. Lupo did not participate, he says woof is No Mind already. But he said hello to Lia and Eduardo who happened to know that he is of the local breed Rafaeiro Alentejano. And then I said hello goodbye to two angels from Latvia at the station where most of you are coming and going, just two minutes from our house. I can hear the train announcing your arrival.

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