Wanted: Eco retreat builders

Yesterday I talked with Lia and Eduardo about the plans for a silent retreat by Omassim. To make it possible we need three volunteers who can help us set up the facilities on our land in a 6 week period, starting mid September to end of October 2010. We will be building a wooden platform with a dome for the meetings, a wooden kitchen and restaurant structure, personal tent spaces, a drinking water system, solar heated showers, compost toilets, a solar cooker, an evaporation fridge and solar lights. Volunteer workers will be living here for free and can also participate in the silent retreat that will be held at the end of October at a reduced fee, just covering expenses. For traveling here, cheap charter flights to Faro are available in this (low) season. If you are interested or know anyone who might be, please let us know (see How to join tab for info). Click on this link for info on Omassims workshops. Their blogsite is not yet available in English, you may use Google Translate to read it in your language. They speak English, German, French and Portuguese.


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