Without smell

One of Lupo’s favorite pastimes is to tear up garbage bags that smell after something he likes. We are going to avoid this by keeping the bags within an enclosure, the first work of our apprentice carpenter Tiago. By example and by trial and error he learns the uses of electric drill and screwdriver and the advantages of using the tape-measure, the square and the level. Meanwhile Heather and Peta take their turn with hammer and chisel to carve out old cracks in the concrete water tank. After repairing the leaks it will store irrigation water for, among other uses, our Hemp plantation. Hemp as in Cannabis is that what you said? Yes, but not the smelly stuff that contains a restricted substance but another species that can be made into all kinds of incredibly useful products. Hemp can yield four harvests a year and not only provides strong fiber for fabrics but also makes paper, plastics and bio fuel. The seeds make gluten free meal and seed oil full of essential fatty acids and superior proteins.


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    sw prem badal said,

    Several projects of this plant were funded by the CEE in Portugal only to be ripped out by portuguese police when they were almost ready for harvest. As they tried to explain to the GNR, the commandante said: “Pull the other one, it squirts Coke”, or some equivalent P’ese joke.

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