Going solar

Today Emily who came to Osho Garden after visiting the Boom festival helped to install the solar collectors for the Bashodome hot water supply. They consist of two coils of black PE tubing attached to the dome tubes. Cold water comes in on one end and hot shower water out the other. It’s a very simple system that uses no pumps or hot water storage, just 100 m of tubing. The collector itself holds about 30 liters of hot water, enough for one long or several short showers and heats up pretty quickly for the next use, as long as the sun keeps shining. This system is only suitable for daytime use of course, we may add an insulated storage tank at some point in order to have hot water day and night. Meanwhile Michelle, a friend of Emily and also from the UK continued with the repair of the irrigation water tank. By the way, Xicca found an interesting movie on Hemp: The Hemp Revolution (click this link)


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    baul said,

    hi Pujari

    we had the same system in Saswad ,the castle outside Poona-30 years ago-
    then we had to share the same shower with 5 or 6 perons at the same time-that is how you save hot water..
    bw baul

  2. 3

    sw prem badal said,

    Hi, Is that 18mm or 25mm tubing?

    • 4

      Osho's Garden said,

      It’s a difficult question Badal. I had to go and measure, because these sizes are a bit confusing. They call it 3/4 inch and I measured an inside diameter of 19.5 mm, which is actually a bit larger than 3/4 inch. So it is different from PEX which has metric sizes referring to the outer diameter.

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