Aussies cooking

Today we had Xicca and Jaime from Santa Clara over for lunch. They said there will not be enough rain yet to start seeding the Lupins as we planned for today so we did other things. Vincent from Brazil and Emily were cementing the water tank. The Australian girls went making irrigation channels. But all those nice pictures I took of them got drowned when I went swimming in the river with my mobile phone annex camera in my shorts. How smart! Surely no example of how we are aware in every activity. So here and now, with another camera, is what remains: Australian girls can cook too! We just enjoyed their dinner. Ready for more surprises? Brasilian men can do the dishes too! Miracles are happening here on a daily basis. Of course there’s a little secret, just a corner of it showing behind Emily: A mechanical device for cleaning dishes, aka a dishwasher.


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