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All over the world many plant varieties have disappeared from gardens and orchards. Farmers now depend on annual purchase of hybrid seeds and biocides. Today we visited the Encontro de Semente of the Portuguese network Colher para Semear where seeds of traditional varieties in organic farming are shared. We contributed some seeds from our garden. Together we can keep agricultural biodiversity alive.

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Volunteer for a year

Nuno and I went to the Centro Social today where Sara told us what we need to know about the European Voluntary Service, a program that enables young Europeans aged 18 to 30 to do voluntary work in a foreign country to develop new skills and improve their personal, educational and professional development. Volunteers get board and lodging, insurance cover and an allowance for up to one year. We are applying to be a host for this program. Afterwards it was time to harvest some olives. They need to be crushed which is what you see us doing in this picture, and then washed for three days and marinated for several weeks. There are also some more expert jobs to do, like tiling the roof terrace. Here you see Tatiana and Anna in action. Since coming to Portugal I have grown accustomed to see women doing the professional jobs. Equal opportunity? Forget it, we men are simply not as smart, pretty and skillful as them.

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No worries (roof) mate

Check out how far our roof builders have progressed. Navino who is assisting Bas said he wants his daughters to see what he’s doing. Well, nobody knows exactly what but he’s always smiling and Bas seems to be happy with it. By the way, Roofmate is not what we call a friend on the roof, it’s the name of the blue insulation panels that will keep us warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Fromage de Tournesol

It sounds so much better in French, although Shakespeare might say: What’s in a name? A sunflower cheese by any other name would taste as good. At lunchtime today our vegan chef Anna proved that also cheese does not need animal ingredients, in this case she used sunflower seeds, lemon and various herbs and spices to make something similar to what the French call a fromage blanc.

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The culinary arts have generated delicious recipes but unfortunately many are based on animal ingredients, which we prefer not to use. So what about our cappuccino in the morning? Well, I have good news. Today Anna created a vegan milk based on hemp seeds, almonds and some more ingredients (wait for our Vegan recipes tab) that tastes better than cow’s milk and can easily be foamed into a perfect milk froth.

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The nature of meditation

Yesterday we had a picnic on The Land. Everyone agreed on the nature being beautiful, a perfect place to meditate. At our morning meeting today I asked what meditation means to each of us. There were 8 radically different answers ranging from having no idea to observing strict discipline. I was happy to hear everyone share his own truth, difficult as it is to find words for it.

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Going wild

They all wanted to go camping in the wild in the Monchique mountains yesterday night and so I enjoyed a rare day off in Osho Garden. Of course they came back with tall tales of wild boars growling in the night, of swimming across a big lake and now they seem addicted to the wild life. Good! Tomorrow morning we can all go wild again. No-mind meditation aka Gibberish starts at 6 am.

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Osho Garden Peace Corps

The ancient Chinese Tao masters developed special methods to train strength and balance, we call them Martial Arts. In fighting they are aimed at self-defense, or even avoidance of the need to fight. Almost 2000 years ago Sun-Tzu wrote in his famous book The Art of War, studied by generals onto this day: ‘One hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the most skillful. Seizing the enemy without fighting is the most skillful.’ How? By being wise, smart and strong. If you are wise you don’t want to get into a fight since everyone looses. If you are strong everybody will respect you and think twice about attacking. And if you are smart you can find many ways to fool your enemy and divert his energy to your advantage. Master Da, casually balanced above the beams of our new barn roof in this picture started teaching us, sharing some of his powerful secrets. Doesn’t Nils look like he is already flying? They call it playing with the clouds.

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New teams at work

Yesterday night Osho Garden received reinforcements from all over Europe and today we introduced them to some active meditations and ditto teamwork. Nuno and Tatiana went gardening with Anna (from Bulgaria) and Dayanidhi showed Anna (from Holland) and Nils (from Berlin) how we dip wood in linseed oil. And then he boarded what he calls the Tractor (poor Ozone) for some more pool digging. Meanwhile Bas and Navino were working together on the roof. There’s lots of wood to treat so I went shopping for more linseed oil. It is a rare commodity nowadays and I bought every can I could find within 30 kilometers from Saboia. Just like building in Taipa, painting with linseed oil was replaced a few generations ago by so-called modern but polluting, unhealthy and energy intensive methods and materials. Using new insights we will again use some good old materials that are not toxic, inexpensive, locally produced and 100% recyclable.

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Friends in concert

Many braved the muddy road in order to visit a concert by Sofia, Rupesh and Harida in Nazca’s big dome today, including our friends Lia, Eduardo, Prembodhi, Navino and Mahadevi and three Osho Gardeners (Nuno, Dayan who is a new member and me). You can listen to some samples of their sweet mix of Indian and Latin American percussion, tabla, santoor, flute, dilruba and vocals by clicking on our video channel.

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