New teams at work

Yesterday night Osho Garden received reinforcements from all over Europe and today we introduced them to some active meditations and ditto teamwork. Nuno and Tatiana went gardening with Anna (from Bulgaria) and Dayanidhi showed Anna (from Holland) and Nils (from Berlin) how we dip wood in linseed oil. And then he boarded what he calls the Tractor (poor Ozone) for some more pool digging. Meanwhile Bas and Navino were working together on the roof. There’s lots of wood to treat so I went shopping for more linseed oil. It is a rare commodity nowadays and I bought every can I could find within 30 kilometers from Saboia. Just like building in Taipa, painting with linseed oil was replaced a few generations ago by so-called modern but polluting, unhealthy and energy intensive methods and materials. Using new insights we will again use some good old materials that are not toxic, inexpensive, locally produced and 100% recyclable.


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