Volunteer for a year

Nuno and I went to the Centro Social today where Sara told us what we need to know about the European Voluntary Service, a program that enables young Europeans aged 18 to 30 to do voluntary work in a foreign country to develop new skills and improve their personal, educational and professional development. Volunteers get board and lodging, insurance cover and an allowance for up to one year. We are applying to be a host for this program. Afterwards it was time to harvest some olives. They need to be crushed which is what you see us doing in this picture, and then washed for three days and marinated for several weeks. There are also some more expert jobs to do, like tiling the roof terrace. Here you see Tatiana and Anna in action. Since coming to Portugal I have grown accustomed to see women doing the professional jobs. Equal opportunity? Forget it, we men are simply not as smart, pretty and skillful as them.

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    Vanya said,

    Anna has got genetic tiling skills . I am not surprise , but probably she didn’t know her own possibilities. Enjoy, Anichka !

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