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A tale of lakes and pigs

Over a hundred visitors turned up today for Tamera’s open day. The Osho Garden crew was the first to arrive because Nissa needed to register early for the Permaculture course that she booked. I enjoyed to meet Sepp Holzer again, the designer of their ever growing water landscape and I picked up some more ideas from this inspiring Permaculturist. He explained about the lakes again and showed us the latest one. He also demonstrated how pigs can be seduced to work agricultural land. So now we know how to handle the wild boar that we have on our land.

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Tree labyrinth

The picture shows the landscaping of the tree labyrinth that Xicca designed for us. As we need trees for it I went to Viveiro Dinis today, a tree nursery near Monchique recommended to us by our friend Peter, and selected some 50 trees ranging from cherries, peaches, apricots and grapefruits to walnut, almond, carob, and much more. It will become a food forest over time. Over pretty much time but such is Permaculture.

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Winter blues

Jerseys are out of the closet, the days are cooler and shorter now. There is little rain but we made a tent over the site on the roof just in case. Meet today’s painting crew consisting of new arrivals Nissa with a very swedish name but from the USA who makes us sing to the tunes of her Ukulele and Catherine, a francaise but living in Barcelona bringing us the joys of French cuisine.

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Piece of Cake

After we ate most of the birthday cake someone reminded me to take a picture of this new and cool raw vegan product. It’s kind of a Carrot Ice Cake on a layer of Goodness. It is so new, it’s not in Anna’s Raw Vegan recipes yet but others I told you of are. For this picture she lit the 7 candles again on the last piece of cake, tactfully revealing only the last digit of my age….

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How to enjoy yourself and other questions

Lately, prospective volunteers have emailed me a number of deep questions, like:
– Shall I quit my job and change my life?
– What do you normally do to enjoy yourself?
– I want to detach from the globalized destructive empire. But what about my savings?

I collected twelve Questions and Answers under the new Help! tab. Maybe you want some answers too?!

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Permaculture designer wanted

Our meeting in the garden dome this morning was about Permaculture. Benji and Michael will return to New Zealand but they said it would be the dream of many a Permaculture designer to take ownership of such a large new project. They encouraged us to advertise this opportunity and select someone with the right qualifications to join us. Then they went on to gather heaps of compostable material.

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Countercultural meeting

We were with 8 more people today on our lazy Sunday picnic trip to The Land. Tonnie from Holland arrived Wednesday, Benji and Michael from New Zealand yesterday and today Hanna (Germany), Enara (Spain), Alex (Italy), Guillaume (France) and Jan (Czech Republic) came down from the Rainbow Gathering in Portugal where they heard about us. The Rainbow family set their outdoor camp up on our roof without roof.

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Frequently asked questions

People who are interested to participate ask me all kinds of questions. Today: What do you normally do to enjoy yourselves? Ah! What we enjoy most today is to take another roof down. See? Now the barn roof looks like new but the house roof looks like nothing, nada. Maybe we just enjoy everything new.

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Goodness Balls

I still owe you some recipes but I used my time for something else. There’s our Chi Kung and Yoga classes, the daily meditations, the  meeting and some  work and already it’s time for lunch. And for dessert! In this picture one of our favourites (after we have eaten most of it): Goodness balls. Click on them to enlarge. No they are not Space balls, we have a drugs-free community here. I will get you the recipe.

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