Permaculture designer wanted

Our meeting in the garden dome this morning was about Permaculture. Benji and Michael will return to New Zealand but they said it would be the dream of many a Permaculture designer to take ownership of such a large new project. They encouraged us to advertise this opportunity and select someone with the right qualifications to join us. Then they went on to gather heaps of compostable material.


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    I am a qualified urban horticulturist specialising in permaculture/ecovillage design and seed saving. I have been dreaming of visiting Portugal and my favourite singer is Portuguese. I do not speak Portuguese mais je parle francais, un peu. Find me on Facebook facebook [dot] com/ robyn [dot] williamson 2

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      Osho's Garden said,

      That sounds exactly like what we are looking for and it could also be your dream come true. Don’t worry about language, we speak English here. Please send us by email some more information about yourself and we can start thinking about what can happen.

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    Ashiyani said,

    My Name is Ashiyani, 48 years of live-experience, I am born in Germany.

    I had 15 Years my own farm ( ecological and permaculture) in the Alto Alentejo where I still have four children.
    Since more than two years I am gardener on Finca Argayall, Gomera, where my skills, knowledge and feeling for beautyness are highly respected.
    Wellnot beeing follower of Osho, I appreciate a big part of his work.
    To spent a time with you in Potugal and give you the right impulses and first hand to bring your gardening to a success could fit with my beeing here on Finca Argayall as well as giving me the pleasure to visit lovely portugal and my kids.

    Best wishes for the winter!

    Love & Light!


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      Osho's Garden said,

      Yes, that might work. And I appreciate that you are no follower of Osho. Neither are we, because he did not have any, he was very much against the idea of following anyone. We do use his meditations and guidance here, but only because these techniques may help us to find our own truth and our own source inside. So if that attracts you and you want to share in something more than Permaculture alone, you have found the right place.

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