Stormy Weather

A thunderstorm blew much of the tent from our roof in the night and dumped a lot of rain on our ceiling. It is made of concrete but not totally waterproof so the water found its way into places in our house that one prefers to keep dry. Fortunately the temperatures are mild these days so we are mainly inconvenienced and not suffering. We started making a new tent but the gale force winds prevent us from putting it up. Last year December saw the worst rains in half a century and this year seems to go for a revival. Our river, in summer a calm trickle has multiplied into a raging torrent that is going far out of its bounds, flooding the land of our neighbors. We are lucky that our house and most of our land is on a higher elevation. Meanwhile the local population is following our pursuits with sympathy but also some amusement. This is not a season they would choose for making a new roof.


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