Here comes the sun

I told you about the rain and the mild temperatures. We had again a rainstorm this morning and for the third day in a row the plasterers are unable to work because of the moisture in the walls. The only way to get rid of the water is by digging a ditch for a drainage tube so that’s what we’re doing here on this bright sunlit morning.  Click on the picture to get a closer look at the way Nuno is dressed. Do you see why we love to be in this country? In between the rainstorms it is almost like summer again. Last night we had a dance party under the sky in our garden. And now for some raw foodism. At right you see the raw vegan lunch that Anna made today at the request of another Ana (right in the picture), a friend of Tatiana who came for a short stay and is leaving today. Even the (cold) soup is made of only raw ingredients. Yes, it’s a bit extreme but life is not normal here, after a while you get used to that.

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