Paint it black

I wanna see it painted, painted black. Black as night, black as coal, sing the Rolling Stones and we follow it up. Black is beautiful. It also makes man made objects look smaller and  less conspicuous. Ieva is the first to paint her caravan, using a mixture of two natural products, linseed oil and pine tar, a traditional weatherproof wood preservative (and an antiseptic, flavoring, spice and scent) obtained by dry distillation of pine wood.


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    Marc Dekens said,

    I am very curious how this will work out in summer in the burning sun! Or is the paint washable? From the picture it really looks better though, like a camouflage hut, instead of one of those ugly white sleeping boxes or “sleurhut” as we say in Holland.

    Keep up the original solutions!

    • 2

      Osho's Garden said,

      Right, and in summer even a white caravan is hot in the sun. So we will put up some green shade fabric over the caravans, the type that you see in our blog posts of August 7 and 25.

  2. 3

    Hugo said,

    Just want to tell you: you’re doing an unbelievable job. I think you are strong, doing things I didn’t believe it was possible in our days, in Europe of today. When individualisme triumphs, you ar doing exactly the opposite.
    I like this. Really I do.


  3. 4

    baul said,

    can be used as sauna in summer-time

    perfect idea

    bw baul

    • 5

      Osho's Garden said,

      Eco-friendly solar heated sauna, that’s a great idea. And in winter it’s a zero emission fridge!

      • 6

        chris said,

        I love your project and appreciate what you are doing.

        I just wanna draw your attention to “climategate” or “lord monckton” or “carbon-tax” and all the rest of it. It’s great to do something good for the environment but to portray co2 as a climatekiller is a vicious fraud, that aims to an enslaving tax and control system. – just cause you mentioned ‘zero emission’ – maybe check jessy ventura’s global warming episode from his show conspriacy theories. looks like hollywood but the hard evidence is there.

        (i’m having a free day right now – enough time to be a troll on the web)

        enjoy yourselves
        take care buddies

      • 7

        Osho's Garden said,

        Chris, are you a scientist? I don’t think so, because over 99% of all scientists know and accept by now that CO2 and other emissions are the cause of global warming. You would be wise to stop spreading these false allegations by “climate change skeptics” because they are actually highly paid lobbyists trying desperately to defend oil industry interests. The scientists accused in the so called Climategate scandal were all cleared of any wrongdoing, read Wikipedia: “The investigations concluded that there was no evidence of scientific malpractice”

  4. 8

    chris said,

    i’m an independent researcher, i look at the data instead of opinions of somebody else. and i would never take a wikipedia entry as truth, especially when it is about a peculiar matter.

    here are some facts: 1000 years ago it was warmer than now. 500 years ago it was colder. had basically nothing to do with co2. what has a much higher influence on our climate than co2 is – guess what – the sun. if you would research sunspot activity in relation to temperatures, you would find out, that there is an evident connection. and if you would make some research into people who really instigated the global warming agenda (e.g. maurice strong, john p. holdren [who also wrote a book “ecoscience”, among the issues in that book are poisoning your water and a massive global heating], al gore) and would research who would actually profit from the planned “cap and trade” schemes, you would find some amazing infos.

    again: it’s great to do something good for the environment. we should not pollute our planet. but: co2 as a climate killer is a vicious lie by those who came up with that and a nice sink and hooker for people who would like to do something good >but don’t do the actual research whether or not it’s actually true<


    • 9

      chris said,

      btw: the official 9/11 comission also declared, that there is no evidence, that would lead to another story than proclaimed by the goverment.

      i wonder how you came up with 99% of scientists… wikipedia?

      • 10

        Osho's Garden said,

        Chris, I must admit that no one counted the scientists exactly so I don’t know whether the number should be 98 % or 99.9 % or what. But yes, Wikipedia has a chapter on Scientific opinion on climate change. It states among many other references:

        In 2007, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts issued a formal declaration on climate change titled /Let’s Be Honest/:

        Human activity is most /likely/ responsible for climate warming. (….) The above development potentially has dramatic consequences for mankind’s future.

        Just study a little and you will understand why the Academy of Sciences has come to this conclusion.^

  5. 11

    chris said,

    that’s what you assume, because obviously you have never done some research on the facts. all you do is repeat someone’s “conclusion” and come again with wikipedia…

    you have not answered to one of my points. – case closed

  6. 12

    elise said,

    Really nice your black caravan! I’d like to paint my caravan as well and I search how to prepare homemade paint, so which is your recipe ? Is it possible to make another color because I’d like dark red ? Do you know about falun red paint, could it work on caravan? And after several month now, does your paint resist rain ?
    Thanks for your advice and your initiative!

    • 13

      Osho's Garden said,

      These natural paints are actually for wood, in which they can penetrate. I am afraid that your red paint, like our pine tar will not give a nice coating on a metal or plastic surface. In the beginning it looked reasonable but it is very uneven and next time I will look for something else that is more suited to the type of material.

  7. 14

    jon james said,

    beautiful! just painted ours black using recipe of net called ‘tinker’s paint’

    black dulux gloss 3×1 international yacht varnish. really strange consistancy . . . we shall see!

    good luck & have fun.

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