Seeding time

In the garden dome the first seed trays are now installed. In the picture Sumeru this morning explaining to Ruben about seeding potatoes. One must watch to plant the correct side up, as the sprouts grow only on one end of the potato. And it’s best to choose only healthy looking big ones. Many of them are already planted, yesterday and today, in rows running from North to South, starting at the Southeastern side of the tree circle. Xicca is still adding more details to the garden layout every week and it is beautiful to see our vegetable garden finally taking shape. Then I went to the land for a one day walkabout with Ruben and Mafalda. We took bags full of stone oak acorns with us and started walking up the hills on the West side, since two weeks ago we already did the Eastern side. We planted a total of 331 of them if we counted well. We hope for a couple of hundred of these big evergreen trees in due time and that we will then still be fit enough to enjoy them.

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    Sw Prem Badal said,

    Seed potatoes sprout from every angle, not from one place. In my area, in the Beira Region, central-north Portugal, the locals cut the seed potatoes into 2-7 pieces, with at least one sprout to each piece. After hardening in a bucket for 2 weeks they are planted with the sprout down. One kg can give 35-40 kg but I usually get about 10 kg per kg planted.

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    Osho's Garden said,

    Yes Badal, that’s what I always heard too, but Sumeru has an interestingly different view, that’s why I explained it in this post. He says not to be miserly and cut them but use them whole and use only the large and healthy looking ones. This will give you a much better crop, according to his experience. I searched a bit on the web and I found information on a gardening website that confirms his view. It also states: ‘The potato seed should be positioned so that the sprouts are uppermost and the ‘stalk’ end (where they were severed form the parent plant) is at the bottom.’

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      badal said,

      If you really want good potato crops you need 4 old tractor tyres and some compost. You plant your number one top quality potatoes 25-30 cm apart in the bottom tyre laid flat on the ground and cover 10-15 cm with compost. As the leaves grow out add another tyre and more compost. And so on. After 4 tyres and juicy compost layers there will be a huge crop from a few potatoes. Mice could be a problem.

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