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Wild Land

With a little help of our friends we got a bag of Stone Oak acorns and went on a seeding expedition. It was hard to get to our land because of water everywhere and once we got out of the car we needed rubber boots to cross the streams. Or a loving man to carry you, like Tara has. Or swim, like their dog Lola. Chris, Tara and their daughter Summer helped kicking the acorns into the hills of our Wild Land, as Sumeru called it.

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Roofing meditation

One can meditate during all activities, 24 hours a day, including while laying roof tiles. But the art must be practiced and here at Osho Garden you can, every morning and evening, using Osho active meditation techniques. They are designed to de-stress so we become available for a moment of silent awareness, the state of No-Mind. If that is what you want to learn you are welcome to join our project.

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Men at work

Earthworks day today. Chris, left in this picture, arrived with his family and their campervan yesterday evening and when he was parking it sank in the mud. Bad patch of luck but in the morning we dug and pushed and pulled it back on track. Then on to the next job, replacing two drain tubes, broken and sunk in the mud, together with Sumeru, right in the picture, who arrived from Scotland a few days ago.

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New Year’s resolutions

Just to name a few: In the spring we invite you for the inauguration of our new meditation room. We will also have more space for volunteer workers. The first pond of the water landscape will be made. Back to the past year: Today our provider mailed us a summary of our overall blog health. They are impressed. Thank you, dear readers and a happy 2011.

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