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The real revolution

Osho Garden is about relearning to live naturally. Growing our own organic food is part of it, but this is just the outside. Real transformation happens from inside. Today I was reading Masanobu Fukuoka‘s famous book on natural farming, The One-Straw Revolution in which he writes about the need for humanity to move towards spiritual awareness. He is saying: ‘The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings’

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Collection box

Andreia, who enjoys to help everyone lends Vasilis a hand with the frame for our solar collector. With 24 square meters it covers almost the entire east side of the new barn roof. Solar collectors are often mounted on top of existing roofs but combining it with the roof renewal enabled us to integrate the collector in the roof itself, saving on roof tiles, materials for building an insulated enclosure, and labor.

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Without tent

Since early November our house was covered by a tent in order for work on our new roof to continue during the winter. Today this tent was finally taken down and the work will soon be finished. Vasilis, who is a sustainable energy engineer and wants to get some hands-on experience in his field is now starting to build the solar collector on the east side of the former barn, soon-to-be meditation room roof.

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The way of the heart

Several friends from this area came for the Kundalini meditation and to sing with Ananda today. ‘Home is where the heart is’ from the Osho songbook and chanting from sufi and indian traditions. You can listen to recordings on our YouTube channel. The next event is scheduled for Saturday 12th March. We will start with the Tribal meditation, in memory of Rupesh, at 3:30 pm. Tea at 4:30 and music at 5:30 pm as usual.

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Music and meditation

We are preparing the East terrace for your visit on Sunday. The weather forecast is 17 degrees and sunny. Those who want to participate in our afternoon meditation are invited to come between 3:00 and 3:30 pm. The full program:

Sunday 20th February
3:30 pm Osho Kundalini meditation
4:30 pm Tea and walk in the garden
5:30 pm Mantra and Sufi singing with Ananda and friends
Entry is free

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Wild river

Lola the friendly English dog, Vasilis from Greece who arrived Monday and Andreia from Portugal, yesterday, joined me this afternoon for a look at our river. After a few rainy days the water level rose by several meters, flooded the banks again and went up to the steps that lead from our little lake and beach area to our water well. If you read this Lindsay, many have walked these steps since you restored them. Good job!

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EM vibrations

Several people contacted me lately because they want to live in a place that’s free of electromagnetic fields. Also our new friend Jan from Belgium who showed how his tester can detect wireless signals.

News about Ananda’s acoustic vibrations: He will perform again on Sunday 20th February. You are all invited for tea at 16:30, music starts at 17:30. Entry is free.

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Good vibrations

Two new friends were visiting today, Lourdes from Portugal and Ananda Krishna from Switzerland. After a tour of our land and riverside Ananda gave a mini-concert in our living room, singing and playing a steel drum called Hang, a hand-pumped small harmonium named Shruti box and a Didgeridoo. Get a taste of his music at our YouTube channel. He intends to facilitate regular singing events at Osho Garden. Osho!

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Dig it

Our new toy, the ultralight Osho- mobile 5 a.k.a. Diggit has a 5 horsepower engine and balances on one front wheel for driving to it’s destination. It’s a Cultivator, also called a Rotovator, and once it’s in the field the rotary tiller starts to make a smooth loose seedbed. In Permaculture this is done only once, not annually, but with the amount of land that we have this little machine will save us much heavy digging.

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