EM vibrations

Several people contacted me lately because they want to live in a place that’s free of electromagnetic fields. Also our new friend Jan from Belgium who showed how his tester can detect wireless signals.

News about Ananda’s acoustic vibrations: He will perform again on Sunday 20th February. You are all invited for tea at 16:30, music starts at 17:30. Entry is free.


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    sono said,

    Hi Pujari, Groetjes uit Poona, waar het rustig is. Evening meditation is beautifull, sun is becoming hotter. You seem to attract the right energy at the moment, So a clean space to live is important. You can give Jan,s contact addrress if you want. This interrests me for my flat in Brussels > Have fun Sono

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      jan roeckx said,

      Hi there Pujari and Sono

      nice to follow the evolution of the project on your website.
      Thank you again so much for receiving me so warmly. It is a great memory for me, now back in Belgium. I hope we will meet again some day!

      Kind regards

      ps: Sono, if you want to you can contact me “ruddytje” and then @yahoo.com

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