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Or Roofmates actually, these work maidens. Pictured on the roof terrace here but also happily applying cement and drilling holes on a sloping roof, bringing some female energy to the fine arts of construction. We are working in teams of two now. Andreia and Jaime were finishing the ridge of the barn roof today, Patricia and I are mounting the transparent sheets on the solar collector box.

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From the heart

A new, larger dome structure was assembled yesterday. For Enn it was the last project of his volunteering holiday as he is travelling back to Estonia today. The night before we were singing and making music again with Ananda. For all of you who could not be here we were singing: So close, no matter how far / couldn’t be much more from the heart / Forever trusting who we are / and nothing else matters (lyrics by Metallica).

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Music and meditation

“Meditation is the art of hearing the soundless sound, the art of hearing the music of silence — what the Zen people call the sound of one hand clapping”, says Osho. “Music is a way towards meditation and the most beautiful way. To me, music and meditation are two aspects of the same phenomenon.” Tomorrow, Sunday 20th March you are invited for more music, at 6 pm. Today we are already rehearsing :–)

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Wake up to the sound of music

“In times of trouble”, sing the Beatles, “there will be an answer, let it be, let it be”. I guess you know the song. “I wake up to the sound of music, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be”. We will be singing Ananda’s words and you are invited at 6 pm Sunday 20th March. We celebrate the spring, the rains are gone, work in the garden has resumed and yesterday Patricia from Madrid joined us.

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A song for Japan

People of Japan, we send you our love and support, the strength to overcome what is happening to you and to stay centered. Yesterday evening we came together, making music and singing all evening and we did it with you in mind, sending energy of courage and healing. Ananda, Eliza, Enn, Jaime, Monica, Pujari, Sarojini, Simon. I recorded one song, downloaded it on our Youtube channel

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Night frost

Farmers troubles. Right now the big question is when the last night frost will be. No one knows so you must guess when you can safely plant outside. Guess it wrong and you can start all over again. Or call the Reiki masters :–) The frozen tomato plants looked hopeless but now grow new buds in place of the dead leaves. Meanwhile Eliza is digging irrigation channels and planting onions out today. They can better tolerate frost.

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These days people enjoy parading in extravagant costumes and disguises. In the animal world some species use disguise or mimicry as a survival strategy. This enormous butterfly, with a wingspan of 14 cm, was watching us from the kitchen door with designs on its wings portraying four eyes and an approaching bird of prey. Frightening! Does anyone know the name of this species?

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Clear mountain streams rippled across and Andreia gathered wild mint, parsley and made us taste edible wildflowers on a visit to our land today. We saw mushrooms but they did not look safe to eat so we will seed some edible ones ourselves. Wild boar and mole rats left their marks. Nature is perfectly taking care of itself in this little paradise that is inviting us to come back soon for a meditative retreat.

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If you wonder what Eliza, who arrived yesterday from Latvia and Simon from the UK, who came today with a request for his campervan but found something for himself too are doing in this picture, I have to tell you of a bout of severe frost a few nights ago that badly affected the seedlings in our garden dome. So here they are giving Reiki to these plants in the hope of reviving them. Yes, life is mysterious and we don’t know how it all works. Osho wants us to experience life’s mystery instead of trying to grasp it intellectually and he proposed to create Mystery Schools where people can relearn the forgotten language of communicating with their body-minds. So that’s more or less what we are building here. In the second picture you see Enn who arrived from Estonia last week on the roof where we build the solar collector. Eliza by the way is doing more than Reiki for the plants. She is interested in gardening and presently studying Xicca’s Permaculture notes.

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