If you wonder what Eliza, who arrived yesterday from Latvia and Simon from the UK, who came today with a request for his campervan but found something for himself too are doing in this picture, I have to tell you of a bout of severe frost a few nights ago that badly affected the seedlings in our garden dome. So here they are giving Reiki to these plants in the hope of reviving them. Yes, life is mysterious and we don’t know how it all works. Osho wants us to experience life’s mystery instead of trying to grasp it intellectually and he proposed to create Mystery Schools where people can relearn the forgotten language of communicating with their body-minds. So that’s more or less what we are building here. In the second picture you see Enn who arrived from Estonia last week on the roof where we build the solar collector. Eliza by the way is doing more than Reiki for the plants. She is interested in gardening and presently studying Xicca’s Permaculture notes.


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