If not now, when?

Most of us intend to meditate. But not today. Later, when we have more time for it. Or when we are more in the mood. But this time never comes. You might as well start now if you want it to ever happen. Or on 15th April, that’s Friday, the start of the worldwide Osho Meditation Intensive. You are welcome to participate at Osho Garden. Our schedule:
15-21 April, daily at 7:00 am: 7 days Osho Dynamic Meditation
22-28 April, daily at 5:15 pm: 7 days Osho Kundalini Meditation
29 April- 5 May, daily at 6:45 pm: 7 days Osho Evening Meeting


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    Antar Pravas said,

    WoWO WOWOOW !!! Just found this blog of yours, and i am very inspired by the beautiful place you are creating. It is early to say yet, as i m busy working on a project for next 6 months in the UK, but i would like to express my interest in coming to join you, and sharing my energy to help create, and to live in this way of integrating meditations and permaculture. i will email you with more details of myself. and i look forward to visit you later this here.

    Love and Light

    Antar Pravas


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