The new dome structure is assembled and today Natália and João went back home as their holiday has ended. Meanwhile two new participants arrived and we completed filling the ditch with gravel and earth with the help of these new friends. In the picture with Luisa, at left Marco from Belgium who passed by to have a look and is still looking. And at right Klavs from Latvia who intends to stay untill next spring.


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    Ilse said,

    Dear Pujari, Louisa and friends!
    It is so lovely to see the hard, but wonderful work that is being done by you all in a nice sunny environment, while I’m already totally engaged in work -behind the computer mostly, not so exiting- in rainy Holland for two weeks now. I love the updates and tressure my short stay with you last month. Keep up the good work!
    Love, Ilse

  2. 2

    Amazing Dome!!! I looking forwar to see it ended!!!

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    karen van goethem said,


    Please give him a kiss (or hug) from me if he is still around!

    Happy he made it there and it does me good to see that he seems to be helping you guys out there.. (though Ananda let me know on the rainbow, that Marco should not pass by without any “notice” because there are too many people around “at the moment”. I could not get back for this to Marco, but Marco does not take up much space. He has his own little tent and is he not just a great and sweet rainbowbrother…

    Love for you all!

    Gyana/ Karen

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      Osho's Garden said,

      Sorry, can’t pass the hug on. Rainbowbrother said he enjoyed it here but then he moved on to enjoy a Rainbowplace in the Monchique mountains.

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