A green jacket and an earthen floor

Rede sombra (shade net) is a green fabric used in agriculture to protect plants from the heat in summer by filtering 80% of the sun’s energy. We covered the new dome with this material, partly to protect the plastic foil, which has a lifetime of only a few years in full sunlight, and also to reduce the temperature inside. Now that the dome is dressed in it’s green jacket we can work inside, and the next step is to make a floor. After leveling and compacting the earth we are covering it with a mud consisting of natural and recyclable materials. It’s a mixture of 6 parts sand, 2 parts clay (sieved soil) and 1 part chopped hay. Narahari mixes it with water in the batoneira (cement mixer) and Klavs distributes it evenly and smoothly over the dome floor in a layer of about 2,5 cm thickness. Drying time is several days, even in this hot and dry weather.


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