Weather change

After a long hot summer that seemed to be never ending it is finally a little cooler and rain is expected within a few days. Time to look around for last minute repairs and painting work outside. In the picture Polly, who arrived from England yesterday and Isabella, painting the old barn door that will get a new life as a garden door, with, as usual,  a mixture of linseed oil and pine tar.


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    Karsten said,

    Hi there!

    How much did you spend per liter and how much square m can you cover with each liter?

    I was really interested in doing the same with our wooden house, but nowadays prices are too high!

    I don’t want to use anything chemical of course.
    I’m thinking about an alternative. A Light Earth wall on the outside. The roof would have be become a little bigger in order to stop rain from reaching the wall.

    Hope you guys are fine.


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      Osho's Garden said,

      Linseed oil is about Euro 2,50 per liter in Portugal if you buy in 25 liter cans from a wholesale supplier. Small cans bought in shops are between 3.50 and 5.00 per liter. This is less expensive than any paint that you can buy, so cost is not an issue.
      Pine tar may be more difficult to get at. We bought a 25 liter can through an Internet seller and paid almost 6 Euros a liter. So it is all less expensive than paint, healthy for the environment, safe and healthy to work with and gives perfect protection. So why use solvent based chemical paints?

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