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Community currency

Local currencies, including time-based systems are in use by communities and social trade organizations all over the world. Joanna designed three denominations for the Osho Garden Time Bank: 5 hours, 1 and one quarter hour. Exchanging volunteer work for food and services can be made more flexible this way, with more freedom of choice.

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Fortunately, in this part of Europe cold and dark nights are usually followed by warm and bright days and today we work outside in the sun again. We traded our work at various other projects in for a team effort to complete the inner side of the Great Wall of Osho Garden. In this picture the new wall builder team consisting of, from left to right, front to rear, Matthieu from Belgium, just arrived, and Philine, Narahari, Martina, Chris, Joanna and Luisa.

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Dark night

The shortest day has come and the moonless nights are long and dark. Humanity is longing for the return of the light in more ways, rising up against socio-political and economic injustice and inequality.  But the enemy is not just out there, the dark night is also in our own souls. Osho teaches us another kind of rebellion: To rise up against our inner demons and fight for freedom from one’s self.

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Keeping our feet on the ground

Xicca, recovering from a complicated foot injury finally returned to the garden today, be it on crutches. She explained her ideas about planting winter crops in part of the tree circle and preparing another part for spring planting. Much needs to be done but fortunately three new volunteers arrived this week to assist Osho Gardener Philine: Anthony from France, Martina from Croatia and Joanna from Mexico.

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Bianca left today and on the same train Chris arrived. He is from Germany but now came from Ibiza. They are the first volunteers to use the new Intercity train connection. Since December 11 (Osho’s 80th birthday!) our station has direct trains to Lisbon and Faro, making the trip faster and more comfortable. Please be aware of the new train schedule, see our About page, or the train website

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The acrobat

Celebrating the completion of his dome structure this morning Colm climbed on top and gave us an expert juggling performance, keeping himself as well as three cones in the air. It is characteristic of the situation in a community in motion, the continual juggling to respond to changing circumstances. And like Colm shows, all you have to do is keep cool and stay on top of it.

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Colm’s Dome

Our fifth dome will be 7 meters in diameter and 3 meters high. Colm cut the 120 tubes and shaped the tube ends almost single-handedly. Assembling is best done in team work. This morning we put 3 of the 4 sections up, after which Colm went on to prepare for covering with the plastic foil and shade fabric. Without the 4th section he doesn’t need a ladder yet, making work easier.

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